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Written by Saaramaria Kuittinen, Voltti asfaltilla is a tale about two cleaners and their different coping mechanisms in the deteriorating working conditions.

Produced by Valtimonteatteri and Ekata Theatre. 

In Finnish. 17.10-16.11.2019

Voltti asfaltilla

past projects.

How does it feel to have to live in hiding without knowing when it's going to end?

In the midst of the polarized debates on immigration, Valtimonteatteri together with Ekata Theatre sheds light on the often forgotten and vulnerable undocumented immigrants through a new physical theatre piece “Turvallisin ja onnellisin maa” using intense physical expression.

Turvallisin ja onnellisin maa

When you feel you belong no where. When no space is your space.

When the rules of how to belong were written by someone else.

A riveting physical theatre piece, Unbelonger, explores the void between identities


Eight stories, one living room.

Saaramaria Kuittinen's play inspired by Elina Salminen's "Kesken"-poems. 

The physical direction weaves all these eight characters into one story.

Tämä Tavallinen Tarina

A challenging, poetic and relatable piece of physical theatre in the round. On Mother's Day is the story of Ramón, an endearing and friendly death row inmate, who spends his life running from violence only to find it within himself.

The script is based on seven years of conversations with convicts on death row

On Mother's Day


"On Monday Last Week is a great watch!"
-Theatre Fullstop

Adapted from a short story by award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Saaramaria Kuittinen's On Monday Last Week is about immigration, culture and self-discovery.

On Monday Last Week

Surveillance is a new comedy play by a Singaporean playwright Stanley Seah, about the insecurity of today's world with the increasing surveillance and with technology threatening to take our jobs.



Ekata is unity, in Sanskrit. Ekata is unity even when borders try to divide us.

Ekata Theatre is an international theatre company producing physical theatre in London, Helsinki and beyond. We aim to make relatable, resonant and relevant theatre across linguistic and national borders.

The company is led by Artistic Director, Erika Eva, who collaborates with artists, creatives and performers from and in different countries.

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the team.

Erika Eva

Artistic Director

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Saaramaria Kuittinen

Writer in Residence

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Xavier Velastin

Composer in Residence

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