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We are an independent company creating powerful physical performance across national and social borders.

Our newest project is called On Mother's Day and it will be shown in a prestigious venue in London, The Cockpit, over four days as part of the Camden Fringe festival. The Cockpit is the biggest venue Ekata will have played to, and this comes with its own costs and risks. It also brings big benefits as we are able to reach more people on this important theme.


We have a powerful story to tell and now you have a chance to be part of it. If you're not in London but like our work or like the sound of On Mother's Day, please consider contributing something to help make the work a success. You will be helping to make sure as many people as possible can see our work, and you will be helping to raise awareness of this human rights violation. 

We aim to make changemaking theatre independently so we can talk freely, but it’s also difficult because we don’t have big financial support behind us. Therefore we ask you to contribute by giving a small donation so we can make great theatre together! 

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to make this piece in London and I hope that, with your support, we can make it work for everyone. Please give what you can before then and share it with friends and family. I really value your support.

-Erika Eva, Artistic Director of Ekata Theatre