At The Cockpit

By Saaramaria Kuittinen

Directed by Erika Eva

Sound Design by Xavier Velastín

On Stage: Christian Scicluna, Lukas Bozik & Silvia Manazzone



13-18 August at The Cockpit

A challenging, poetic and relatable piece of physical theatre in the round. On Mother's Day is the story of Ramón, an endearing and friendly death row inmate, who spends his life running from violence only to find it within himself. The script is based on seven years of conversations with convicts on death row with humanitarian non-profit organisation Human Writes.


The piece uses engaging visual storytelling, humour, and ensemble work to present a hard-hitting critique of the dehumanisation of the victims in the capital punishment system.

On Mother's Day

"They say death row is the place for the very worst. They build high walls, so you can't see in. The walls are getting closer now, but I can't hate myself, 'cause I'm the only one I got." - Ramón, Prisoner on Death Row